Weyline in the Community

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Weyline Taxis are proud to support a number of groups and charities in the Borough of Weymouth and Portland

“we feel that as a local business it is important to behave in a community minded manner, we buy local whenever possible and support local activities and any group or individual doing charitable things for others, often less fortunate   than ourselves”

Ian Ferguson
Managing Director

Weymouth & Portland Skittles League

Weymouth Cribbage Society

Midnight Walk – Weldmar Hospicare Trust




Weymouth Football Club, we were the main sponsor for 3 years 2009 – 2012

Weymouth Wildcats Speedway Team we were the main sponsor for the last year of the team 2011 – the closure of the speedway track was a sad day for Weymouth

Men in Pants 2012

Weymouth Rugby Football Club
“Great guys easy to deal with and great supporters”
Chris Davis

The Midnight Walk – Weldmar
“Weyline is a great supporter of our event”
Jon Paton

Skittles League
“Our main sponsor, thanks guys”


Weyline are always willing to listen to any sponsorship enquiries and are keen to offer assistance with local endeavour and have a track record of supporting the same, should you wish to request sponsorship please apply in writing to the managing director stating clearly who you are, what you do [the organisation/body/group] what you actually require and try to give us [Weyline] an idea of what benefit if any that we might gain by being a sponsor.  Thank you.

We have a voucher scheme called “Weyline Wonga” image attached – these are taxi vouchers which can be given as compensation, gesture or raffle prize.

Please Note:

Wonga can be used as full or part payment of any fare

No change is given

We can provide a free cigarette bin for your business premises, supplied and fitted at no charge, keeping you within the current no smoking regulations.