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Being Green is not just a choice of colour all businesses should do their bit for the environment and reducing the harmful effects of Co2, here at Weyline we want to be more that just a colour of a logo we want to make an effort to be as green as we can be.


In common with all forms of transport, walking notwithstanding, we are unfortunately a contributor to Global Warming and we are trying to reduce our carbon footprint in a number of ways;

  • Reduce dead mileage by having cars parked around the borough not just driving back to base after each job.
  • Giving the customer the nearest vehicle to their required pick up point.
  • Having driver rest rooms so that drivers can take comfort breaks without having to drive all the way back to base!

To put our business into an environmental shape we have looked at what we actually do and how that reflects on what we are in figures each year;

  • Currently 90 drivers working from 3 offices
  • We carry out around over 350,000 journeys annually
  • Our entire fleet will cover over 3 million miles each year – that’s the average mileage of 300 private motorists
  • Our drivers and staff will work in excess of 180,000 man hours
  • Our customers will spend around 2.5 million pounds in cash and account fares
  • We will use over 130,000 gallons on fuel per year so as a fleet we will spend over £700,000 on fuel
  • Our whole fleet will use over 140 sets of tyres

Scary numbers but by being able to measure this, we can do more to manage it! We aim to be greener and not just in our logos!


For February 2015 we will be introducing 5 new Toyota Prius so that we can both offer customers a choice should they wish to lower their carbon footprint and from our company perspective we are making a contribution to keeping the borough as clean as possible.

By the end of 2015 we aim to run at least one full electric vehicle.

We can offer our account customers a carbon footprint usage figure as part of their monthly invoice.  We have in our despatch system the Co2 rating of all vehicles and this then combined with the customer’s journeys allows the system to calculate the carbon footprint created by those journeys.

It is our strategy to reduce our carbon footprint by adopting new technologies and techniques as they become available and to further enhance and improve the way we work, we always strive to reduce dead mileage which is both good for the environment and helps our drivers to be more profitable.  We vigorously oppose the strategy of doing a job and going back to base which can mean a driver has only a 50% efficiency on return for mileage!

We currently see more and more advantages to returning to Petrol powered vehicles as opposed to Diesel, less harmful pollutants, cheaper fuel and only slightly less MPG.


We have taken numerous steps to improve our impact on the environment by using as much energy efficiency measures as are available, we have adopted low voltage lighting where possible and have ceased using standard cardboard/paper  for our letter drop business cards and use 100% plastic instead as it has a commercial advantage of looking and feeling better and because it has a far longer usable life reduces the need to use more trees in the production of the cards.

All of our office systems are designed to keep as much information electronically and we avoid the needless printing of paper unless absolutely.